10 Awesome Costumes to Sew for Halloween!

Stuck for some ideas of Halloween costumes? Feel like you make the same types of things every year?

Here are a few great ideas I’ve found that have me really excited to start shopping for fabric.  There are a ton of non-sew ideas out there, but as I want an excuse to sew and use my sewing machine more, I’ve focused on costumes that do involve some sewing.

These costumes are still pretty simple and wouldn’t be too hard of a project to undertake.  I’ve included both adult and children costumes because most would work for either. You’d just have to up/down size them.

Are you a novice? Don’t worry! Each of these Halloween costume ideas have great and easy tutorials to follow.


1)  Lady Bird or Owl Costume

owl costume

Adorable and looks so easy to make!  It’s almost like a costume that’s not a costume.  Would be great for girls and women.  You could even wear glasses, a beak of feathers in your hair to make it more owly.


2) Moth Costume

motha costume

Martha Stewart has awesome ideas for costumes.  Most of them are no-sew or very little sewing involved.  I thought this moth costume was great and although there is no step-by-step picture tutorial it does explain the steps clearly and doesn’t sound too hard.  The skyscraper family is great too!


3) Cowboy Costume with Chaps

cowboy costume

Very cute little boys costume.  Love the furry pants and vest.  There’s also a ninja costume that’s cool, completely no sew and so easy! Awesome hedgehog costume too.


4) Girls Pirate Costume

girl's pirate costume

Wonderful tutorial for a pirate girls costume.  There are easy step-by-step instructions with pictures.  It’s made in two pieces as a corset and skirt, so it should fit comfortably. Plus you could just make one of them and still have a decent costume! Tons of other great costume ideas on this blog!


5) Angry Birds Costumes

angry bird costume

Awesome Angry Birds costumes.  Be a bird or one of the pigs!  Made out of felt and stuffing.  I think I’ll be making one of these this year!


6) Baby Candy Corn

baby candy corn costume

One for the babies!  This is so cute and is made by copying a sleep sack.


7) Robot Costume

robot costume

Awesome idea for a robot costume.  I love how it looks metallic but would be soft to wear.  I also love the idea of sewing buttons for the electric panel.


8) iPod Costume

ipod costume

Another great idea!  My son is obsessed with electronics and I can’t think of anything else he’d rather be.  We were thinking of making a costume out of cardboard but I think this would be a lot more comfortable….plus I can sew it!


9) Dog Taco Costume

dog taco costume

Have a dog?  Maybe they want to dress up too!  Here’s a great idea for a small dog…especially a chihuahua!  Taco dog!

Here’s a link for even more dog costumes.


10) Fifty More Costume Ideas 

50 costume ideas

Finally, here are some great links for 50 more costumes ideas with tutorials.  Some require sewing and some are no-sew.  Thanks to slapdashmom!  Great list!


Do you have any great costume ideas to share? Post them in the comments below!


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