Arrow 601 – Gidget Sewing Table

If you’re looking for a good little sewing table with minimal assembly, the Arrow 601 Gidget sewing table may be just right. This foldable unit features steel-locking legs and a sturdy wood tabletop with a smooth laminate surface. It’s ideal for simple home projects and the sewing needs of the average crafter.

Keep it in an out-of-the way location in your home, like a closet, attic, or basement, and then pull it out to fix a hem or create that fun Halloween costume you’ve thought up. You’ll just lock the legs, fit your sewing machine onto the tabletop, and you are ready to get sewing!

Arrow 601 - Gidget Sewing Table

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I love that this unit has a nice clean look, with its white melamine surface. Seems fairly scratch resistant. The open area to the right of the drop-down sewing machine nook is an adequate size for spreading out small craft projects and doing handwork. Crafting is a fairly easy process with this little table, and it’s a reasonably comfortable space to work on. Not too high, not too short.

Arrow Gidget pros and cons

Depending on your sewing machine’s size and power, you may find that it shakes or that your machine fits a little awkwardly into the drop-down area. You will want to make sure to measure your sewing machine or simply know it’s dimensions before ordering your Gidget sewing table. Compatible sewing machines are those that are no larger than 17.5” wide and 7-3/8” deep.

Gidget Sewing Table Dimensions:


W: 40”
D: 19.75”
H: 28.25”

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