Arrow Sewing Cabinet Suzi Sewing Storage Cabinet

This cute Suzi sewing storage cabinet is a lovely addition to a standard sewing space. It’s made of composite board with a nice vinyl laminate. You have some options for the exterior color of the piece, including the somewhat standard black, white, cherry, and oak, but my favorite is the tea green option. It’s unique and adds a breath of life to a sewing room.

Suzi Sewing Sorage Cabinet


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There are four drawers on this little cabinet that are a nice size for storing patterns, books, hand tools, or any other small objects you need to find a home for. The top drawer is easy to access at all times, while the bottom three drawers (which will be a pale unfinished wood color for all styles) can be hidden away by a simple but pleasant-looking door.

Suzi storage cabinet pros and consThe height of this cabinet makes it a useful side table, and there is room on top to keep an extra basket of supplies or a hearty potted plant. The cabinet also rolls around, so you can move it easily whenever you need to. This is ideal for cases when you want to work in the dining room or if you have a foldout sewing station that requires a little rearrangement.

If you are comfortable with assembling furniture yourself, putting this charming cabinet together will be a breeze. Allow yourself about an hour to do so. If you have a drill, you may find that it is useful for any minor adjustments to how parts fit together. Some pieces may fit together a little too snuggly. Overall, the quality of piece is good, and the unit is fairly affordable for what you get.

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Suzi Sewing Storage Cabinet Dimensions:

W: 14-1/4”
D: 16-1/2”
H: 24-1/2”

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