Arrow Sewing Chair

This chic sewing chair comes with solid oak legs and base, rolling wheels, a supportive seat cushion, and plenty of back support for extended sitting. When you take ergonomics into consideration, the seat of this chair is a good match for adults of average height, or folks who are even taller.

arrow sewing chair


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Shorter seamstresses and crafters may find that they are shifting on their toes a bit or leaning in slightly uncomfortable ways when working on a project that requires them to sit in the chair for a long time. For the most part, though, this is a genuinely comfortable chair that works well with most standard sewing tables and cabinets.

arrow sewing chair pros and consThe two things I really love about this chair are its smart, fun print pattern and the hidden storage compartment under the seat. What a clever way to save space and help keep your sewing space looking tidy between projects. When you lift the seat, you’ll find an open section that is big enough for your favorite designs, swatches, books, and just about any other odds and ends you could want to have easily available for your future sewing creations.

The Arrow sewing chair comes ready to assemble. Putting this chair together is not a huge project by any means. If you have 20 or 30 minutes and some basic do-it-yourself assembly knowledge, you’ll be sitting in style in no time. Once built, this chair is quite sturdy. Its price is about on par with other oak chairs of a similar make, and it is sure to last a long time.

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Arrow Sewing Chair Dimensions

W: 19”
D: 19”
H: 20” (seat) 29” (back)