Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet Review

The Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet does the job for a one-machine set up. The exciting feature of this sewing cabinet is that you can adjust the height of your sewing surface to make sure you are not hunching over your work. It gets my vote of approval for comfort.

Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet

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When this cabinet is extended fully, it has ample surface space for your machine and tabletop supplies. There are also some nice wide thread holders at an arm’s distance away, along with a couple more shallow shelves that are useful for storing extra odds and ends.

With a mix of faux oak laminate and white laminate over particleboard, the Arrow Sewnatra sewing cabinet has a unique look that is a little visually rough. But, it stands up to normal wear and tear and folds down nicely. When this unit is folded down, all sewing items and white laminate are hidden below the surface. It looks like a fairly neutral little oak cabinet, and you can wheel it around easily.


Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet closed


The one aspect of this unit that I didn’t really care for is that it has an awkward little support leaf that hangs to the side when not in use. It doesn’t affect space much, but it does take away some visual appeal. A good workaround could be to set a large plant on top of the cabinet when it is not in use to distract from the leaf.

Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet Pros and ConsPutting this unit together won’t be the toughest project if you’re used to putting together other home furniture. It’ll take a few basic tools, and if you have too much trouble, Arrow’s provided a handy helpline to call. It should take one to two hours to assemble. Overall, this cabinet has great utility and is perfect for small spaces.

Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet Dimensions:

Open Dimensions
W: 46”
D: 19-5/8”
H: 30-1/2”

Closed Dimensions
W: 23”
D: 19-5/8”
H: 31-1/2”

Pros: Sturdy, Effectively Hides Supplies
Cons: Mismatch Surfaces, Pricey

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