Beldin Mobile Sewing Desk

Behold, the simple but functional Beldin mobile sewing desk! This affordable sewing desk is an excellent piece of furniture for those who live a double life (or just need more room in their life).

Beldin sewing desk


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By day, this could be a handy work desk for your laptop. By evening, it could be the sewing station of your dreams. Or, given the transformative features of this desk, you could simple fold it up and tuck it away in a large closet or corner when it’s not in use.

This easy-to-store desk comes with three spacious drawers with semi-circle cutouts for handles. It has a lovely walnut-colored melamine finish that fits in with a variety of sewing room décor. And, it is a very comfortable height that goes well with sewing, kitchen, and desk chairs of standard height.

While this station is perhaps not as sturdy as a solid oak desk might be, it is a fine quality for the price. There is minimal shaking while using most sewing machines on this desk. You can ensure that the unit stays stationary with its locking wheels.

beldin sewing desk pros and consAfter some wear and tear, you may notice some chipping around the edges that show off the particleboard beneath. Besides normal dings here and there, the smooth body of the desk should hold up just fine with normal use.

You’ll find that this desk comes ready to assemble.  Allow an hour or two to get all of the parts into place. The drawers and wheels can be a little tricky, but if you are used to furniture in the IKEA vein, this assembly should be a walk in the park.

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Beldin Sewing Desk Dimensions:


W: 47”
D: 23-3/4”
H: 30”

W: 19”
D: 20-1/2”
H: 30”

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