Ten Easy Christmas Sewing Projects

I love the idea of homemade gifts and always want an excuse to sew, so I’ve put together a list of some Christmas projects that I’ve found that have great, easy to follow tutorials.  Hopefully I’ll get a few done in the next month!



travel sewing kit

1) Travel Sewing Kit – Great gift idea for a sewer you know or for one of your children. This blog also links to other great Christmas projects on the 12 Gifts of Christmas Blog Hop by Ellison Lanes Quilts….which brings me to another awesome idea:



holiday dotty garland

2) Holiday Dotty Garland– from the Ellison Lanes Quilts blog.  Made only out of felt circles these are so simple but I love how it looks!  I think I’d like to make enough to hang around our tree.



reuseable christmas gift bag

3) Reuseable Christmas Gift Bags – Personalize your gifts with these adorable bags that you can reuse every year.  I would love to make these for my family…it’s like a bigger stocking.  Very easy to make and follow!



christmas tree skirt

4) Simple and Elegant Tree Skirt – One thing I could use is a better tree skirt and this one is so beautiful!



vintage tree skirt

5) Vintage Fabric Tree Skirt – I’m not sure which one to make so here is the other tree skirt tutorial I’ve found.  I love the bright colours in this one…it also has a more vintage feel too it.



christmas stocking

6) Monogrammed Stockings –  You’ll have to go a store to have the names embroidered but after that making these stockings are easy.  I love how elegant they look.  Now all I need is a great mantle to hang these on!



table runner

7) Table Runner – Dress up a coffee table or your dinner table!



christmas tree ornaments

8) Hand sewn Christmas Tree Ornaments– Here’s one that’s perfect to make with children!  All hand sewn with a great tutorial to follow.



advent calendar

9) Advent Calendar – Maybe it’s too late this year for this one but I love the idea of having an advent calendar on my wall with packets to open each day.  I’ll have to remember this for next year!



gift card holder

10)  Gift Card Holders – Here’s a great idea for those you’re giving gift cards too.  Instead of buying a cardboard card, why not make a fabric pouch to hold the card!  Definitely a great way to personalize something that doesn’t always seem like a personal gift.