Dingo Kangaroo Cabinet by Arrow

You’ll enjoy living large with Arrow’s clean white Dingo Kangaroo Cabinet. It’s a little pricey, but it’s not hard to think of it as an investment toward a lifetime of fruitful quilting projects.

dingo kangaroo kabinet


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This cabinet features three sizes of drawers—there are nine of them in all, one of which that is especially deep—that can be neatly hidden away by the unit’s locking cabinet doors. There’s also an abundance of space on top of the cabinet that can be doubled by extending a foldout leaf. This large work area is ideal for laying out quilt designs or working on any other sewing project.

Dingo Cabinet Pros and ConsStanding at this workstation is relatively painless. If you prefer to sit while you work, a stool would be another easy option, or you could use a tall or adjustable chair and swing your legs under the fold-up leaf on the side opposite the drawers. The leaf, it’s worth noting, is strong enough to set up a sewing machine on. For this kind of unit, it is ideal to have it in the center of a room as an island unit, but it can still be quite functional pressed against a wall.

This behemoth of a cabinet comes ready to assemble, and it is advisable to call in a favor or two to get it together. It’s not that it is more complex to put together than other do-it-yourself assemblies, but the size alone makes the piece a little awkward and time consuming to put together.

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Dingo Kangaroo Cabinet Dimensions


W: 46”
D: 40.5”
H: 34.5”

W: 46”
D: 21”
H: 35”