The Drop Leaf Sewing Table – When Space is a Premium!

A drop leaf sewing table is one solution to the problem of big sewing plans and little space. The drop leaf mechanism allows you to expand or collapse your sewing table at will. Just put up the leaf when you need it, and when you need the space for something else, fold it down again.

Before You Buy

What do you need to keep in mind when buying a drop leaf sewing table? Pay attention to the dimensions; both with the leaf folded and the leaf extended. Is the table compact enough when folded, large enough when the leaf is out? How sturdy is the drop leaf? Is it stable enough to place an extra sewing or embroidery machine on it, or is it meant to be used more as a bit of surface area for laying out quilts and project pieces as you cut them?

Before you buy you’ll also want to check the dimensions of the area you plan to place the table. Check to see that the folded dimensions make for an appropriate sized footprint, and that there is enough room to open the table when you want the extra space. If you can’t fit the drop leaf up that feature of your new table will be useless.

The Best Drop Leaf Sewing Table

drop leaf sewing table


The Sauder Sewing and Craft Cart is the most popular drop leaf sewing table available on the market today. We’ve written about this sewing cabinet before, and that’s because it’s so versatile! When folded up and with the doors closed, this sewing table looks like a basic cabinet that might store anything: linens, clothes, pots or pans. When open, however, it’s a beautifully extensive sewing table with lots of sewing space and organizational options.
The table comes in a variety of different finishes. Your options include:

american cherry drop leaf table
American Cherry finish – drop leaf sewing table opened-up

The dimensions, when closed, are 38 and a half inches wide by eighteen and a half inches deep. The drop leaf extends it considerably, bringing the width to 62.25 inches. That’s a lot of space to lay out your quilt or do some cutting on.

Features that other sewers love include two storage bins and a shelf that can store pattern books, fabric, or whatever else you might need a place for. Of course, there’s also room for your sewing machine inside the cabinet. And then there’s the drop leaf, but it’s not rickety like the drop leaves on your dining room table: this one is sturdy and meant for real use.

drop leaf cabinet
Bishop Pine finish

The Sauder Sewing Craft Cart is budget friendly, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t have as much storage space as other more expensive, larger sewing cabinets might, but the storage it does provide is well-planned and easily accessible. It’s easy to open up, and easy to collapse all the extensions and make it a small, compact little cabinet again. And it is sturdy, made with careful workmanship that’ll last a long time.

Bottom line:

There are other options, but it’s easy to see why the Sauder Sewing Craft Cart is the most popular drop leaf sewing table on the market today.