Free Lunch Bag Pattern – There IS such a thing as a free lunch!

A home made lunch bag is the perfect place to put a home made pack lunch, and it’s super easy to make yourself a lunch bag if you’ve got a lunch bag pattern! Here are a few of the best patterns and tutorials on the internet—so get comfy and start browsing.


lunch bag pattern

One of the simplest (and easiest!) options is an oilcloth lunch bag. Martha Stewart’s reusable oilcloth lunch bag looks just like a classic paper brown lunch-sack—except you’ve got super-cute patterned oilcloth instead of the brown paper. It’s a breeze to put together, and you can either use a clothespin to pin the top close or add a little velcro nub. After each use, cleaning your bag is as easy as wiping it, inside and out, with a damp cloth.


open top lunch bag pattern

If you appreciate oilcloth but would like a flatter, more open-top design, Pretty Prudent has an easy-to follow Oilcloth Lined Lunch Tote tutorial that’ll help you custom-make a bag to fit your lunch container like a glove fits your hand. This bag has a snap top which can be used to keep it semi-closed, and there’s a simple handle as well.


insulated lunch bag pattern

Want to keep that crispy salad crisp and cold all the way till lunch time? Go for an insulated lunch bag, and stick a few ice packs in with the food. Sew 4 Home has a easy-to-follow tutorial on how to use PUL fabric and thermal batting to create a insulated, water-proof lunch bag that is both stylish and practical. This bag closes with a plastic buckle; a handy way to keep everything where it belongs. It also has a nifty handle for carrying around.


snap lunch bag pattern

Want to try a completely different way of closing your lunch bag? Try Crafty Staci’s Snap Lunch bag pattern. This super fun bag closes with a snap bracelet, has got a nice handle, and even has a clear window in the front where you can stick a label. Name and phone number, maybe, in case of loss? You don’t want your pretty new lunch bag to go astray! This bag is also insulated and should be roomy enough for one or two long-lasting ice packs.


circle lunch bag

Or are you the sort who can’t stand the squares and rectangles that dominate lunch bag pattern collections? Never fear,’s The Sewing Rabbit has free patterns for a circular lunch bag! This cute cylindrical bag zips up around the lid, and has lots of room inside for all the goodies you want to send to school with your child—or take to work for yourself! I love her clever under-the-lid embroidery; a love letter to the little person the bag was intended for.

Mix and Match Your Lunch Bag Pattern!

Not finding quite what you’re looking for? Don’t forget you can mix and match! Try sewing Crafty Stacy’s label window onto The Sewing Rabbit’s circular tote, for instance, or make Sew 4 Home’s bag with oilcloth. You’re the one sewing, so you’re the one in charge here- take control! You can also switch up sizes to make your personal lunch bag just as big or little as you like. If you eat like a bird, make a sweet little lunch box that just fits your tiny little repast. If you go on regular picnics with three friends, make it big enough to hold a feast. Or just empty out your sewing chest!

Either way, these lunch bag patterns and tutorials should get you well on the way to no disposables.

free lunch bag patterns