Household Essentials Sewing and Ironing Accessory Pad

This sewing and ironing accessory pad by Household Essentials is an inexpensive and useful little pad that can save a lot of space. This awesome little accessory is made of padded muslin with silicone backing that keeps the pad (and anything on it) from slipping around.

The topside of the pad features a grid with one-inch squares for measuring out cloth or other craft materials. There’s also a small cloth waste bag and a row of pockets that hang down in front of you while you work, allowing you to easily grab your scissors, sewing chalk, thimbles, or other small necessities.


sewing and ironing pad


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There’s plenty of room to set a smaller sewing machine up on one side of the pad, leaving the other half of the pad open for ironing. This is great for projects that require a lot of back and forth between sewing and ironing. However, if you’re primary use is ironing, I would leave the sewing machine elsewhere, otherwise you’ll find yourself fumbling around with your tools and moving everything around more than actually ironing or sewing!

Sewing Pad pros and consOne small issue that came up with this accessory pad was that the edges curl quite a bit. It may not bother you too much, but it looks a little off and can get in the way or snag on your cloth and tools when you’re getting situated. Besides that, this pad does its job, is easy to use, and is ultimately great for small spaces and moving small projects from place to place. Because of these traits, this pad would make an especially lovely little gift for quilters who like to work on projects with a group and then come home and work a little more.

Household Essentials Sewing Pad Dimensions:

16” x 32-1/2”

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