It’s Easy to Sew Your Own Baby Sleep Sack

Ready to make a baby sleep sack? When puffy quilts, crib bumpers and soft pillows were banished from the nursery by SIDS researchers, baby sleep sacks found their way in—an easy-to-implement way to keep baby warm while still eliminating all possible risk factors. Today, baby sleep sacks are one essential item in the nursery—and the good news is, they can be sewed up in a jiffy!

Here are some of the nicest free baby sleep sack patterns on the web.

Baby Sleep Sack Patterns

baby sleep sack

First, want something so easy a baby could sew it? Sarah at The Ribbon Retreat has a super easy to whip up pattern for a minky sleep sack. The only halfway complicated thing about this is the zipper, and even that is nicely explained. The pattern itself is a printable pdf, so you won’t have to do any free-hand drafting. This sleepsack was designed for Sarah’s one year old daughter, so it should be toddler-worthy, and it certainly looks super-cute!



boys baby sleep sack

For something just a tid bit more complicated, there’s the Things for Boys  Baby Sleeping Bag tutorial. No, there’s nothing particularly boyish about this: it’ll all depend on your choice of fabric! This is a slightly more involved project, as you’re using several layers of ‘real cloth’ rather than one layer of blanket-style minky. The author uses a cute cotton print for the outer layer and cotton jersey for the inside; it’s meant to be a summer sleep sack, at 1.0 tog. The directions are clear, there are lots of pictures, and there’s not really much room to get lost making this one.



winter sleep sack

If you like that pattern but want something more heavyweight, Things for Boys also has an entire page with extra directions for a winter sleep sack—using an old wool blanket for batting, isn’t that clever? It’s essentially adding one extra step to the summer sleep sack pattern, and the result is a bag that’ll keep your baby warm through stormy winter nights.



baby sleep sack 2

Small Dream Factory also offers us a meticulous step-through for a “wearable blanket for baby”, another way to say sleep sack. This one has buttons, or snaps, at the shoulders; as well as that upside down zipper going up the front. The author doesn’t mince words, or waste them on frivolities, but her explanations are fairly understandable and she gives measurements for everything (very useful!) as well as a .pdf sewing pattern you can download and print out.



baby sleep sack 3

For a last pattern—and this may be my favorite– have a look at Make It Love It’s sleep sack pattern. This one—also called a wearable blanket—is made out of fleece, so like the Ribbon Retreat tutorial it again is one layered and easy to put together. You make your own pattern, using a detailed walk-through. Unless you particularly want it that way, it won’t be one of those ginormous things that look like they will still fit your baby when he’s in preschool, but that means it’s nice and snug—and you aren’t wasting a whole lot of expensive fabric.


Which is your favorite pattern, or do you want to take a few ideas from each tutorial and make your own original creation? We’d love to see what you come up with!


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