Kangaroo Kabinet Wombat Embroidery Table

The Wombat embroidery table is made of composite board with an attractive beech melamine laminate. While it’s a perfect home for your embroidery machine, it would work just as well as a station for your standard sewing machine or Serger, or as a cutting surface. It comes with four adjustable cubbyholes that work nicely for storing items like books, patterns, and tall baskets.

wombat embroidery table

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There are also four drawers (three shallow and one deep) that slide open easily and work well for storing all of your necessities including spools of thread of all sizes, extra machine parts, cloth, and more. While the bottom is a generous size, it is not quite large enough to fit a standard sewing machine in.

wombat sewing table pros and consThe two leaves on this table give you the option of doubling your workspace or keeping your station fairly compact. As a bonus, you can also move this table easily or keep it safely stationary, since it has locking wheels.

One awkward note about this embroidery table is that if you do use it for something besides its intended purpose as a standup station, you may find sitting to be uncomfortable, since there is no room on the front face for your legs to go. Or, if you decide to sit with your legs under a leaf, you may find that it is an annoyance to reach the table’s shelves and drawers.

While it this table is delivered in several boxes, its assembly is straightforward and requires only basic tools to build. The final piece is very sturdy and capable of supporting industrial embroidery machines without a problem.

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Kangaroo Kabinets Wombat Embroidery Table Dimensions:

W: 71”
D: 27”
H: 37”

W: 34-3/4”
D: 27”
H: 36”

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