Minibox Sewing Cabinet Scrapbooking Craft Armoire

If you are a seamstress, tailor, or crafter who loves precise organization, you will love the attractive MiniBox armoire. Its space-saving design features dozens of reinforced cloth drawers with transparent plastic faces that make finding exactly what you need easier than ever.

minibox sewing cabinet


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This organization station also includes handy detachable hanging compartments for smaller sewing and crafting necessities like scissors, rogue fabric pens and paints, pocket sized idea notebooks, or any thing else you might want to take on the go. There is also plenty of space on top of this waist-height armoire to use as a workspace or as extra storage or decoration space.

When you’re done with your sewing project for the day, simply close up all the drawers and the simple but appealing cabinet doors for a neat and tidy appearance that is neutral enough to include in just about any room of the house. If you’re taking your project elsewhere, fill your complementary canvas tote and be on your merry way.

minibox sewing cabinet pros and consAs a workspace, this armoire works best as a standup station or as a supplement to an existing sewing or craft desk. This is because there is not a significant overhang to put your legs under when you are working. You might be able to get away with using a taller chair or a stool with this workstation.

The overall quality of this piece of sewing furniture is fairly standard. The external structure is quite sturdy and can stand the weight and movement of a standard sewing machine. In the unlikely event of spilling water on your drawers, be ready for some slight warping and staining on the drawers. They can be tricky to clean.

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Minibox Sewing Cabinet Dimensions:

W: 108”
D: 18”
H: 32”

W: 36”
D: 32”
H: 32”


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