Original Scrapbox Workbox Scrapbooking Craft Desk Armoire

Welcome to the Serious Crafter’s Paradise! Your head will soon be spinning with possibilities. With six different styles to choose from, the Scrapbox Workbox will store a truly phenomenal amount of sewing, quilting, general crafting, or scrapbooking supplies without taking up as much space as you might expect (though it certainly is wide when opened all the way).

scrapbox workbox

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The options available for this armoire’s exterior include different combinations of bead-board or raised-panel moldings and black, white, knotty alder, or cherry finishes. The knotty alder, which comes with raised paneling, is my favorite. But, there really isn’t an unattractive option in the bunch.

When the armoire is fully opened, it displays 86 adjustable shelves that are easy to access. How many bobbins, thimbles, swatches, tools, or paper goodies could you fit into that space? The answer: a lot. There are also several pouches available for hanging items on the cabinet doors, and the armoire’s desk feature folds out easily.

scrapbox workbox pros and consLeaning over the tabletop to dig around for items can be a little uncomfortable at times, but this is a nuisance. For most projects, you’ll be able to collect supplies at the beginning and sit down to work without having to stand and dig around too often.

Putting this armoire together is probably a three-person job. If you have handcarts to help you move the materials to the room this piece will live in, definitely use them. That said, once you have put together your next big project will be actually filling the shelves. Honestly, this is the kind of undertaking that could go on for weeks. However, once you’re done filling up and organizing your new play space, storing and accessing your project materials will be easier than ever.

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Scrapbox Workbox Craft Desk Dimensions:


Open Dimensions (not including table top):
W: 108”
D: 18”
H: 72”

Table Top Dimensions:
W: 36”
D: 24”

Closed Dimensions:
W: 36”
D: 31”
H: 72”

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