Sauder Harbor View Craft Armoire in Distressed Antiqued White

Sauder Harbor View ArmoireAh, the classic sewing cabinet! This tall stylish unit hides modestly at the side of the room, until you need it. Then it transforms into a practical workspace with a ton of storage.

Measuring over 5 ft tall, there are enough shelves in the Sauder Harbor View Craft Armoire to rival your local library. This gives you plenty of space for your sewing machine and its accessories. Since the sewing cabinet is more tall than wide, it will easily fit into most small spaces. The antique distressed finish and louvred doors bring a warm, cottagey feeling to your living space.

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When opened up, the Sauder sewing cabinet is a useable work area. The doors open almost 270 degrees, so they can fold back beside the armoire when open. A hidden drop leaf folds out creating space for the sewing machine and your fabric. You can easily roll a chair up to this extension and have plenty of legroom while you work. An electrical outlet is integrated into the cabinet, so no more fussing around with extension cords.

While the assembly is described as easy, it will take several hours to put together this unit, due to the complexity of all the different pieces. Anyone familiar with Ikea or the like, shouldn’t have a problem, but be sure to give yourself enough time. And if you value your marriage, try assembling it on your own, not as a couple! A small cordless drill or electric screwdriver is a life saver here.

The Harbor View Craft Armoire is typical Sauder quality. Though made from laminated wood, it is a solid unit. The individual pieces are heavy, not just your average presswood shelving unit. Like most pieces in this price range, some of the components are a little on the lower quality end, with thinner cardboard-style wood used for some smaller shelves and cheap plastic casters for wheels.

Pros and ConsThe Harbor View Craft Armoire is a compact all-in-one sewing center. Like most cabinets, it has a little of everything. If you’re in the sewing business, you might need to look for something more functional where you can spread out your gear. But for a serious hobbyist who needs a workspace, and doesn’t have room for a dedicated room, the Sauder sewing cabinet is perfect.


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