A Serger Cabinet Primer

Serger cabinets, like sewing machine cabinets, are wonderful for keeping your hands, eyes, back, and shoulders comfortable; for a little extra storage space; and for keeping your sewing projects from overrunning the rest of your home’s table tops. What makes a serger cabinet different from a sewing machine cabinet is that they are designed specifically with the height and square shape of a serger sewing machine in mind.

serger cabinet

Take a look at some of the serger cabinet features, below, to get an idea of how to choose the serger cabinet is the right one for you.

The Serger Cabinet Shelf

Most serger cabinets have a sunken shelf that the serger sewing machine sits in. The placement of this shelf allows you to maintain a comfortable position even with the machine’s relatively tall base. It is important to make sure that when you are sitting at your serger cabinet, your body stays square with the machine, and that the machine is at a comfortable height. (Many serger shelves are adjustable.) You don’t want to have to lean or tilt your body (not even a little) in a way that is even a tiny bit awkward. The reason for this is that if you find yourself working on a project that takes several hours, you end up being extremely uncomfortable.

Some models also allow you to slide the serger into the body of the cabinet for easy storage, just like you would with many sewing machine cabinets.

Extra Storage

One of my favorite aspects of almost any piece of sewing furniture is that most can double as a form of storage. The serger cabinet is no exception. Besides acting as a storage unit for your beloved serger, you can also opt to have extra shelves, thread trays, cubbie holes, or drawers attached to your model.

It’s also easy to add free-standing storage, like baskets and tubs, beneath your serger cabinet. Just make sure your feet have plenty of room and that the extra storage doesn’t block your pedals.

Surface Area

Most projects that require serging also require a sewing machine, so many people who opt to buy a serger cabinet for their sewing room select one that does not take up a large amount of space. While you may want to save some extra space with your serger cabinet, you’ll still want to pick one that has a wide enough surface that you will be able to lay your projects next to the machine without having to worry about them falling on the ground.

Like some types of sewing machine cabinets, serger cabinets can come with mobile wings and leafs that can be locked into place or removed depending on your needs. Even if you don’t go this route with your sewing machine cabinet, it could be a good choice for your serger cabinet.
Think of choosing a great serger cabinet in the same way you would think about choosing any piece of furniture for your home. Pick the cabinet that is right for your space and needs.

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