Combination Units for Professional Sewing

Do you love your sewing machine cabinet? What about that serger cabinet? Imagine if you could have both in just one piece of furniture. Now, that’s the life of luxury right there. And it’s completely possible. Beautiful combination sewing pieces could be perfect for your sewing room or professional sewing shop.

My mother ran a successful tailoring business for more than 40 years, and the day she bought her first combination unit was an exciting day indeed. When I saw it I was blown away. It had so many shelves and doors and drawers. I didn’t think my mother could figure out a way to use all of that storage. I was mistaken. She made good use of every nook and cranny of that combination unit. Spools of thread, extra needles, material swatches, thimbles and chalks, patterns and pictures filled the trays and shelves. It was organized chaos and it was beautiful.

combination sewing cabinet

Combination Units Need Space

Most of the time, combination units will take up an entire wall of a room. Because of this, you want to make sure you pay special attention to size when picking a combination unit. Even if you’ve fallen in love with the perfect product, make sure that it will actually fit in your sewing room or shop. Measure the space where the combination unit will live before you make your purchase. If you are ordering online, check the product specs carefully. If you are shopping person, check the specs and make sure you talk with the sales person about their return policy.

Why I Love Combination Units

You’ve followed my advice so far, right? Good. Now here’s the fun part: playing with your new toy. Combination units are fantastic, because they streamline your sewing process. Usually, from left to right, you’ll find a wide open space that’s perfect for measuring and cutting cloth, a space for you to sew at your sewing machine (and for your sewing machine to be stored later), and a space directly to your right for your serger to live. With this set up, you can easily sew what you need to sew, turn your chair 90 degrees, and then surge what you need to serge. Makes life easy if you sew a lot.

And now the added cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. Combination units aren’t only convenient and great for streamlining storage space. They are also nice to look at. Many sewing rooms have a tendency to look cluttered. (Don’t feel bad. It’s the nature of the beast.) But with a combination unit, your furniture has a clean uniform appearance. Everything has a place. This is something worth taking consideration if you are thinking about having a professional, customer-facing sewing business.

Combination units are great for professional tailors, crafters, and quilters. Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional but you do a great deal of sewing that also requires using a serger, this might be an avenue worth traveling.

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