My Other Hobby: Collecting Sewing Gear

Some people collect stamps, coins, commemorative spoons, little porcelain cats, or other fancy gewgaws. I like to collect sewing gear. Now, let me be clear. There’s a rule in our home that if one of us brings something in, something else has to go out. I’m not hoarding sewing gear, but oh I do love it. Besides sewing machines, furniture, and storage, you’ll want to make sure you have all the other sewing gear that helps you complete your projects effectively.

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Check out some of my favorite types of sewing gear, below.

Ironing Accessories:

sewing and ironing pad

During the early stages of any project, I like to iron my material until it’s extremely flat and smooth, so I can lay out the pattern as perfectly as possible. If I’m making something with contoured seams (like a fitted shirt), I’ll use a tailor’s ham to iron the contours into a flattering shape.
Take a closer look at the Household Essentials Sewing and Ironing Pad (pictured above)


Pattern Making Kit:

Having a kit to help you make your own custom patterns is great fun. You can piece together your own kit or get one at the store or online. A few items I like to keep in mine are cloth weights, fabric glue, a couple styles of french curve fitting rules, tracing paper, tagboard, tracing paper, and a tracing wheel.


Vacuum Cleaners:

Ah, what would my life be without the invention of the vacuum cleaner? I guess I would use a broom instead, but there is something satisfying about quickly getting all of the scissor dust off from your floor and furniture. Depending on your vacuum model, though, you may need to be especially careful to pick up thread before you start cleaning.


Quilting Tools:

When it comes to quilting tools, I usually borrow from good friends who do a lot more quilting than I do. If you are an avid quilter you’ll probably make bigger investments in this area. Rotary cutting supplies, quilting frames or hoops, and a design wall are good supplies to look at.


Little Extras:

I like to keep extra boxes around of all of the things I don’t like to run out of midway through a project. These extras include things like sewing machine needles (plenty of them), strait and safety pins, sewing machine feet and plates, tailor’s chalk, thimbles, and bobbins that have already been wound. Breaking sewing machine needles is one of my biggest sewing grumbles. Having extras around is delightful.


Sewing Machine Lamps:

Save your eyes. I always try to keep my work area brightly lit. It makes the sewing so much easier, and I’ve been told again and again that it will keep me from having to get quadruple-focal lenses later in life.


Dress Forms:

If you plan on making clothing (not just for women but for men, too), dress forms are invaluable. You probably won’t always have a willing human model around to show you how your sewing creations hang. A dress form can adjust to the right measurements and it won’t wiggle when you accidentally stick it with pins.


Whatever project you’ve got in mind, having the right tools for the task at hand will usually make creating your craft easier and more fun. Enjoy!

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