Save Space with a Sewing Machine Cabinet

I’ve had a lot of make-shift sewing surfaces in my life. We’re talking school desks, card tables, and kitchen tables. Even a filing cabinet, once. (That was not worth the trouble.) Sewing machine cabinets are wonderful for keeping your body in a comfortable position while helping you save space. There is also a lot of variety out there so if you don’t like one style, there is probably something else on the market that will fit your needs.

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Why Use a Sewing Machine Cabinet?


If you’ve ever sewed hunched over a small table before, you know that it can take a toll on your back and shoulders. But with a good sewing machine cabinet, your machine is at a height that won’t hurt your body.

Moving your sewing machine off of a regular table and into its case every time you need the table for something else can also be a pain. With a sewing machine cabinet, this can be avoided, because you can actually slip your sewing machine into the body of the cabinet. This allows you to easily put your sewing machine to sleep, so you can use the cabinet for other purposes or just make the room look a little less cluttered in between sewing projects.

Sewing machine cabinets are also great for adding surface and storage space to a room. They often come with extra drawers or shelves and can be customized depending on what kinds of sewing you do.


Two Types of Sewing Machine Cabinets


There are two main types of sewing machine cabinets: full-sized and fold-up. Both are great for serving the purposes of a busy tailor, quilter, or crafter. They provide a versatile home for your sewing machine. But you may find that one is better for certain kinds or projects or for the room you like to sew in. How can you decide? It’s mostly a matter of space and visual appeal.

Full-sized sewing machine cabinets are ideal if you have a fairly large room specifically for sewing or crafting projects. They can take up a whole wall or just a portion of it; they can be rectangular to go against a wall, triangular to fit snuggly in a corner, or L-shaped to wrap around a corner. Some even come with an extension that is specifically purposed for cutting and measuring material, which is great if you don’t want to purchase a separate cutting table. If you are a professional tailor or crafter, this is the route I would generally suggest you go.

Fold-up sewing machine cabinets are great if you don’t have a whole lot of space to work with or if you just prefer a simpler look and feel to your sewing room. I like fold-up sewing machine cabinets, because along with having a space to slide your sewing machine into they also usually have wings or leafs that fold up and down depending on how big of a work surface you need for a specific project.

Overall, both types are extremely helpful. I’ll take a sewing machine cabinet over a card table any day!

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