Sewing Machine Tables: Portable and Strong

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There are just a ton of options out there for people who are looking for a good sewing machine table. I recommend having one around if you find that sewing machine cabinets are too big for your needs, or if you need a more portable table that can double as a craft or hand sewing table.

Whether you want a sewing machine table that is new or antique, portable or stationary, simple or a little more complex; you’re sure to find what you need if you have a look around on the internet or local shops.
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A sewing machine table may look like your average easy-to-move surface, but it is much more. These tables are extra strong and are able to absorb the vibrations that a sewing machine releases. They also have a smooth hard surface that will do the trick for cutting if you are in a pinch, and they are an appropriate height for when you need to sit at a table to rip seams or add hand-sewn touchups to your work. And, like any table, you can store bins, boxes, or baskets underneath if you need to.

Most of the sewing machine tables that I have owned have been of the portable variety. Almost all of them have had the kind of legs that individually lock and fold so they can be easily stored or moved around. If you are comfortable with moving your machine around in a sewing machine case or prefer to have your sewing supplies completely put away in a closet when you are not using them, having a sewing machine table as your primary sewing surface can be convenient.

Another situation where I’ve found that having a portable sewing machine table comes in handy is at flea markets and craft fairs. There’ve been times when I have been running a booth and a jacket I tailored has been almost perfect for a particular customer and they’re on the edge of buying it, but it needs a minor alteration. It has been such an amazing convenience to have my sewing machine and table right there with me so I could to do a quick alteration. People love that sort of thing.

If you often find yourself at crafting events, you can find some beautifully designed sewing machine tables with attractive wood finishes. They’re perfect for sewing, of course, but they are also great for displaying your sewing projects at flea markets or crafting events and festivals. My favorite tables are the ones with a sort of burnt mahogany finish. Very chic.

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A Note about Sewing Tables vs Cabinets:


Some sewing machine tables also have a removable insert where you can slide your machine below the surface of the table, more like a sewing cabinet. If you try to search for a sewing machine table, you will actually find that a lot of folks use the terms “sewing machine table” and “sewing machine cabinet” interchangeably. I think this is basically correct, but in my eyes, a sewing machine table is simpler and easier to move and store than a sewing machine cabinet.

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