Sewing Hacks Galore: the Best Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Have you got a handy-pad of sewing hacks to make life easier for yourself when sewing? If you don’t, you should! Some of us have a treasury of sewing hacks we learned from our parents, or perhaps from grandma; all the knowledge of generations stored up in our brains. Then it’s easy to stand on the shoulders of giants. But even if you don’t, even if you can’t, there’s always the wealth of information on the world wide web. Here we’ll look at a few of the best treasuries of sewing hacks available online.

A Smorgasboard of the Best Sewing Hacks

Start with DIY Ready’s 25 Sewing Hacks You Won’t Want to Forget.  These sewing hacks are actually clever, semi-original ideas; clever tricks that can simplify your sewing in ways you hadn’t really thought possible. There are ways to make your machine glide over those bothersome lumpy fabrics—like towels or fleece. There are super smart ways to sew in a quick, even zipper. There are ways to keep your pins sharp, and there are 22 more smart hacks that are definitely worth reading through.


Andrea’s Notebook’s 40 Sewing Hacks, Tips and Tricks  is another good collection—though the presentation is a bit clunky. Andrea’s website is a little ad heavy, and you have to click through to find each of her hacks on its own special page. If your computer and internet are super fast, it might still be a worth while read. Otherwise, skip this one for now and save yourself a little frustration.


Yesterday’s Thimble, on the contrary, is a nice clean website, and their 10 Unconventional Sewing Hacks  include some really useful ideas. These are mostly ideas of ways you can repurpose non-sewing items to make sewing easier; for instance, did you know that binder clips are the perfect way to keep ornery edges together, or that a chopstick can be used half a dozen different ways in the sewing room? Well, now you do! Guess, if you can, what magical use toe separators can be put to by the serious sewer.



DIY Joy has another list of 37 Sewing Hacks: Sewing Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Before Now”,  the list is entitled. Let’s face it, by the time you’ve read through a few of these hack-lists you’re going to be running into duplicates. Still, the DIY Joy list is pretty enlightening. Some of it is liquid gold. You’ll learn, for instance, how to widen the waist on your jeans. It’s the sort of trick you want to have in your sleeve before Christmas and Thanksgiving time; it might save you the cost of replacing every pair of jeans in your pocket.


DIY Joy Cutting-Tables-With-Measuring-Tape

Most of the DIY Joy hacks are not hosted on their page itself; this list is more of a catalogue than an actual informational article. That doesn’t make it any less of a treasure house, though, if you’re willing to click through.


What is your favorite sewing hack, and what is your favorite way to repurpose ordinary household things in the sewing room?

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