Sewing Machine Cabinet with Drop Leaf Table

sewing machine cabinet open

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This sewing machine cabinet has potential for many different uses, but is specially designed with sewing machines and supplies in mind. There’s plenty of space to easily store two sewing machines (even bulky Sergers), and the six adjustable shelves are perfect for storing fabric and small baskets, and there is an easy-access power strip with two outlets, so you don’t have to move furniture around or stretch cords to set up your sewing machine at the beginning of every project.

sewing machine cabinet closed

With a standard office or kitchen chair, the height of the drop leaf table is fairly easy on the back and neck. And when this unit is all folded up, its quaint white shuttered doors looks lovely. You would never be able to tell what is stored inside, and it looks much tidier than the average sewing nook. There is also plenty of space on top of the unit for extra storage or decoration.

sewing machine cabinet pros and cons

When you assemble this faux armoire, you’ll want to make sure you set aside ample time (two or three hours). And, if you tend to get frustrated with more complex furniture assembly projects, get some help. This one isn’t particularly easy to put together, though the booklet of instructions that comes with the two large shipping boxes gives very clear, concise directions.

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Once you’ve built your beautiful fold-up sewing cabinet, you’ll be happy with the result. Not only is this a nice looking piece of furniture, it is also very strong. The shelves are easy to adjust and seem capable of bearing a modest about of weight; the lower shelf slides easily without any issues with falling out or squeaking.

Sewing Machine Cabinet Dimensions:

W: 35-1/8”
D: 21-3/4”
H: 61-5/8”


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