Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism

This brawny mechanism is a fantastic fit for the avid DIY furniture builders out there. If you have a sewing cabinet that you already like or one that you’ve built, you can make your workstation even more useful by installing this sewing machine lift mechanism onto it.

sewing machine lift mechanism


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Once installed, this tough lift can be used to change the height of your sewing machine, helping you to easily transition from working above your tabletop surface to working flush with your tabletop. When you’re done working, you can unlock the mechanism and slide your machine beneath the surface of your desk.

This lift mechanism is great for machines that are about 30 pounds. Issues with shaking are minimal, and the latches that lock the mechanism in place are very reliable. It is fairly easy to adjust this lift’s height, and it can make your sewing station much cozier to work at if you’ve been having challenges related to your desk or sewing machine’s height.

machine lift pros and consOver time, you’ll notice that the mechanism may peel away at the inner back portion of your sewing cabinet where it slides against the surface. In most cases, you won’t regularly see this section of your desk, so it is easy to overlook that detail. But, because of the slight scraping that occurs, there are sometimes issues with the lift sticking when you first start using it with your sewing machine.

Assembling this device isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be thorny at times. If you aren’t particularly adept in building furniture (basically from scratch), you might want to find a cabinet that comes pre-made with a lift mechanism and very easy instructions. But, if you’re feeling extra crafty, take a leap!

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Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism Dimensions:


W: 12-1/2”
D: 11-1/16”
H: 19-1/4” (with travel distance of 14-3/4”)