Sewing Room Designs and Tips to Maximize Your Space

Are you looking for sewing room designs? You may been dreaming about your own personal sewing space for years, but when your dreams actually become real you may feel suddenly lost. How to transform that much-coveted square footage into an actual sewing room— a special room where patterns turn into prototypes an inspiration turns into reality?

Sewing Room Design: Making Over A Mess

Here we’ll look at some very successful sewing room designs across the web. To start with, let’s visit Better Homes and Garden’s Sewing Room Makeover. When a disorganized, cluttered sewing area met sewing room designer Pamela Porter, something magical happens. The result is not only a room that is superbly organized, but also a pleasure to sit in; a place that exudes creative juices.

sewing room design

Before you decide on your sewing machine design, try to nail down what matters most to you in a sewing space. Do you get claustrophobic if the furniture is too crammed in; or do tight spaces work with you if everything is organized? What type of sewing do you usually do, and what are your views on color?

No Extras Anywhere

If you’re into minimalism Real Simple’s Organized Sewing Room may be a model worth copying. This room is simple, airy, and yet clever and innovative. Everything is easily accessible, everything has a place, and though there isn’t an inch of wasted space there’s no sardine-style packing anywhere.

organized sewing room

The downfall? This is no place for the pack rat; your nice collection of sewing essentials is beautifully visible and available, but so will be any other random collections you may make: fabric, thread, or crochet yarn. There’s no place to hide embarrassing hoarding tendencies.

It’s All Got To Go Somewhere

sewing room design2

If you tend to be more of a pack rat, any attempt to follow Real Simple’s scheme will only result in frustration. Instead, take a page from the Crafty Quilter. This sewing room is thoughtfully designed as well, and is a light, beautiful place to work in, but there’s enough room for lots and lots of notions, fabric, patterns, and threads. There’s probably a place for a Workbox Scrapbox in this room!


sewing room design tips

Organized Home also has a very nice walk-through, full of tips, that will help you design your own sewing area. This is one you can’t go wrong with: while leaving the details with you, it offers broad design principles that will help you make the most of your sewing corner real estate.

Playing the Sewing Room Design Game

design your sewing room

Want to design a virtual sewing room online? Craft Stylish offers you the chance to create your dream sewing room; designed just as you want it with no restrictions from budget, capabilities, or energy levels. You may not be able to bring this ultimate sewing room of yours into the real world, but it’s fun to play with anyway. It’ll also give you the chance to experiment with different floor plans and ideas and decide how to make the best use of your available space.

Sewing room design is the first step in creating a sewing space that you can thrive in. It’s a step you don’t want to skimp on.

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