5 Clever Sewing Room Organization Ideas

Are you looking for sewing room organization ideas? Here’s a treasure trove for you! We’ve collected five of the most clever and original ways that people have found to organize their special craft space.

You want a place that’s original and fun, that wakes your creative genius, and where all the tools of your crafts are ready at your hand. Well, start organizing! That perfect craft room is possible, even in your less-than-ideal situation, it just takes a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease.

5 Clever Sewing Room Organization Ideas


Dining Room Re-purpose:

sewing dining room

Have you got a dining room that is only used as a dining room on the occasional company day? Why not make it into a wonderful craft space—a bright cheerful creative space that is so well organized it can actually still masquerade as dining room when you do have guests over? Have a look at Raising Rubies’ clever and fun craft room design. Ribbons, buttons, and other small objects can be stowed away in shiny clean mason jars; fabric looks beautiful in bird cages, and your sewing patterns can all be neatly arranged on the shelf.


Ikea Hacked Sewing Room:

ikea sewing room

If you want something less whimsical and a bit more minimalist in style, have a look at Custom Style’s Ikea hack sewing room. There’s so much storage space you’ll never fill it all—and the wonder of it, it’s all super organized! Clear plastic totes are your friend here, and Brooke also makes full use of all her under-table storage.


Plastic Totes for Everything:

sewing room organization

Maybe you’re a hoarder and have enough fabric to stock a couple of craft stores all stowed away in boxes under the table or up in the attic. You won’t be able to use it till it’s all organized! Sew we Stitch walks you through some practical and easy to implement ways to organize everything that belongs in your sewing room and craft corner—even that epic stash.


Thread Spools, Beads and Hooks:

sewing storage ideas

Pat Winter, crazy quilter extraordinaire, is also a marvelous organizer. Her sewing space takes full advantage of the wonderful world of clear plastic drawers, but that’s not all: she also re-purposes jewelry boxes, little hooks, and standard shelving to create a sewing space that is creative inspiration just waiting to happen. Just let yourself loose in this room for an hour, and you’d be surprised at what beauty you could cook up!


Modern Convenience:

Another state of the art sewing room that could easily become your personal dream is Artemesia’s sewing room. This beautifully organized, modern sewing room has all the conveniences you could desire—and lots of organization as well. It’s a place you’ll enjoy just being in, dreaming of your next project, and when it’s time to get down and start cutting and stitching you couldn’t be anywhere better.

To be honest, though, my favorite part of this room isn’t the handy storage solutions—clever as they are. I love that cozy red arm chair in the corner: the perfect place to sink down when all you want to do is meditate on projects, past and present—or do a few lines of hand sewing.


workbox scrapbox

If you don’t have the time to shop around and buy different pieces, why not check out the Workbox Scrapbox? Everything you need is self contained in one unit!

What organizational tricks are most important to you, and in what ways will your sewing room shine?