Singer Sew Essentials storage system

Let’s review the good, the not-so-good, and the ugly of the Singer Sew Essentials storage system, shall we?

Singer Sewing Essentials Storage System

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First, the good: This storage system comes with a lot of helpful items, including a variety of thread, plastic bobbins, and small hand tools. I found that the contents covered the basics well, and if I were looking for a starter kit for a younger seamstress of beginner tailor, I think this kit could very well fit the bill. I did notice some issues, though, that are worth mentioning, as they could become very cumbersome for little hands to deal with.

The spools of thread don’t really stay in place well, so the case has to be opened and closed very carefully. If you were leaving this set up on a table, it might not be an issue at all, but if you are traveling with this case, it might get frustrating. And, at that, if you were traveling with this case, you’d probably find that there is actually too much in the kit! Who needs 40 spools of thread when they are traveling? Well, not this lady, but—to be fair–a child going from home to their grandparents’ house and back could probably find use for all that color.

Singer Sewing Essentials Storage System

A positive feature of this kit is that it has so many little pockets that are great not only for holding onto the basics that come with kit, but also your personal trinkets and tools, patterns and small books. You might even be able to store a very small project inside or in a pocket.

Singer Sewing Essentials Storage SystemAh, and finally, I have to say that this storage system isn’t the most attractive bundle I’ve ever seen. I’d pick a slightly messy wicker basket over a plastic one any day. But, that’s just me. If you are looking for something with basic utility that will please a first-time seamstress without putting down much money, this could be a worthwhile purchase.

Closed Dimensions
H: 11.8”
W: 9.8”
D: 7”

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