Six Sewing Projects for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Have you thought about what you’re going to give your sweetheart? I’m guessing most men aren’t eager to receive a heartfelt sewn gift, but there’s plenty of other people that would, including yourself! Here’s list of Valentine’s Day sewing projects . . . gifts you can give your friends or kids, that’ll also satisfy your sewing itch!

Six Valentines Sewing Projects:


valentine hearts

Sew hearts with your children.  It’s very simple, but for a first time sewer this is the perfect project!



heart tic tac toe

You could even turn those same hearts into a Valentine tic-tac-toe game!  What a creative idea!


Valentine sachet

Make cute sachets for your sweetheart.  I could also see this as a pin cushion with the hearts holding extra needles.  Crafty Pod has an easy to follow tutorial with lots of pictures.



valentine pockets

Sew your own Valentine pockets to hand out to classmates, friends and family.  It would only take a few minutes to sew and fill these hearts with whatever candy or message you wanted.



valentine dress

If you have a bit more time and a little girl to sew for this Valentine’s Day dress is a great option for a project!



valentine mailbox

Why not create a whole Valentine mail playset for a toddler?  Complete with mailbox and Valentines, this set is just adorable and I can’t imagine a child that wouldn’t want to play with this!


valentine garland

Garlands seem like a big trend now and such an easy way to dress up a room with a little whimsy.  Here’s a great rag Valentine garland that’s easy to make.

Interested in even more sewing projects? Check out 1, 2, 3 Sew, a highly rated book with 33 more sewing ideas!