Smartek RX-24W Wooden Sewing Chest With Accessories

This compact and affordable chest comes with a nice collection of small sewing essentials like thread, needles, a seamripper, a thimble, pins and tomato cushion, and more. It would be an ideal piece for someone who doesn’t sew regularly.

smartek sewing chest


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The Smartek sewing chest is basically a more extensive and substantial version of the small sewing kits you can get at convenience or grocery stores for a few bucks. While it is useful, it is not something a professional or avid seamstress would necessarily have around their sewing room.

This cute two-drawer box can be placed on just about any surface or mounted to a wall to add a little decorative flair to a room. Though the wood comes with a finish on it, this small chest could become a fun little painting project. Some light sanding and acrylic paints could have it matching your home décor without too much time or effort. But, the light wood finish looks nice on its own. It’s very clean and natural.

Smartek sewing chest pros and consOne feature that I really like about this delightful little chest is that you can see all of your threads right on top, adding an extra little rainbow to a room. On the flipside, though, if you are running low on thread, the top of the chest starts looking at little barren and unbalanced. But, if that is a big concern, you might consider having this little item around as a purely decorative piece.

The overall build of this chest is decent. You could find something sturdier or get an extra pair of nice scissors for more money, but this is a good alternative for the price you pay.

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Smartek Sewing Chest Dimensions:

W: 5-1/2”
D: 4-1/2”
H: 10-1/2”