Venture Horizon 1019 Double Mobile Desk & Craft Center

The Venture Horizon 1019 double mobile desk and craft center is a versatile piece of furniture that can easily be wheeled from room to room during different life phases or changes in your home needs. It makes a great home-office desk or craft table, but of course I’m more interested in its function as a sewing table.

Venture Horizon Mobile Desk and Craft Centre

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Like many sewing tables in its price range, this sturdy beauty comes ready to assemble. Get someone to help you. Some have found the assembly to be a little cumbersome and messy (think “wood glue”), but the final result is pleasing enough. It looks nice and is a comfortable height to work at. Some drawers tend to stick a little.

Venture Horizon Mobile Desk and Craft Centre in black

There are three color options for this model: black, white, and oak. I enjoy the look of the oak best. It is particleboard with a melamine laminate that mimics real wood. Anyone who’s taking a casual look probably wouldn’t know the difference. However, to be fair, you might be able to find a used desk that actually is made of oak for about the same price. But, style and material preferences aside, this really is sturdy and useful, considering its reasonable pricing.

Venture Horizon Mobile Desk and Craft Centre pros and cons

Now, the best part: This unit folds down to be just larger than its five drawers, which is a nice size if you don’t normally have a lot of space. It looks fairly tidy folded down (if not a little awkward), but it really shines when it is extended to its half or full width. With three sizes to switch between, it makes storage easy, and gives some much needed options for when its time to rearrange the sewing nook.

Venture Horizon 1019 Mobile Desk Dimensions


Open (Full)
H: 32”
W: 73.5”
D: 16”

Open (Half)
H: 29.5”
W: 45”
D: 18”

H: 29.5”
W: 22”
D: 18”


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