Venture Horizon Project Center With 1 Bookcase

Ah, the Venture Horizon Project Center. The beating heart of a serious seamstress’s dream sewing room! While there are several assembly options, once you’ve got it up, it’s pretty much going to stay right where you put it.

Venture Horizon Project Center

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What’s to love? The high table top, a surface that’s both wide and smooth, and the cubbies! There’s plenty of space to store your bigger necessities and sewing books. I like using colorful plastic bins for these kinds of large cubbies. That way I can still see what I’ve got in there, and it adds a bit of flair to the room.

If you have a tendency to get a little hunched when working at a regular sewing table, you may like this project center specifically for its height. I enjoy using it as a standup desk to give my lower back a little break, but a tall chair with good support and padding is an ideal investment for this kind of work space.

Venture Horizon Project Center Pros and ConsI would prefer to have this table out in the middle of the room as an island, but you could also press it against the wall (leaving room on both sides) if you need a little extra floor space. When it’s in the middle of the floor, though, working on big projects is easy as pie. Put your sewing machine on one side and then you can do all of your cutting, table-top ironing, handwork, etc. right on the other side without having to move anything around.

When it comes down to it, this is the kind of table that I’d choose to be a permanent fixture in a larger sewing or craft space. It’s big, bold, and sturdy. And, the white finish is very clean and easy on the eyes. If you’re looking for a little extra decoration, you could always add a few nice decals with acrylic paint or decoupage.

Venture Horizon Project Center Dimensions

H: 38.5”
W: 55”
D: 41”

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