The Workbox Scrapbox – The Ultimate Sewing Station

What is a Workbox Scrapbox?  It’s just a piece of furniture, but it’s not your average piece of furniture. Instead, it is something that is capable of completely transforming your workspace and revolutionizing the way you organize, sew, and even think.

Introducing the Workbox Scrapbox


workbox scrapbox

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It’s the one piece of sewing equipment you didn’t know you needed—but, once you get one, you won’t know how you managed to survive without it. You’ll look back on your pre-Workbox Scrapbox days with a tinge of pity—the poor thing that was your pre-Workbox self, trying to cope with mounds of junk with nothing but standard sewing tables, cabinets and bureaus to organize it in.

Wondering what exactly the Workbox is? Well, let’s first look at it when it’s all shut up. Closed, the workbox measures a meagerly three feet across and looks like a standard dresser. It’s quiet enough to fit in with the décor of any room, and your guests will probably think that’s where you keep your winter jackets.

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It’s when you open those doors that you see the magic. There are nine feet of organized storage space, including 86 adjustable shelves lined with neat, perfectly fitting canvas totes. These totes have clear fronts, so you can see what you’ve put inside them, and they come in five different sizes so you can find one perfect for everything you want to organize. Your sturdy sewing table, which folds open to you, is all of six square feet in itself.

You choose how you’d like to work—with the doors all the way open, it’ll be nine feet across, but if you arrange the two side panels to make a u-shape around your table, it just takes up 5.5 feet and length—and you can reach practically all you treasures.

Down to the Nitty Gritty Workbox Scrapbox Specifications:

Want more specific numbers and dimensions, rather than grand sounding words? Here they are:
• Closed measurements: 36 inches wide, 31 inches deep, 72 inches high
• Open measurements: 108 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 72 inches high
• Table measurements: 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep
• 85 Canvas Totes: 3 that are 6”x12”x12”, 22 that are 12.25”x12.25”x3”, 10 that are 12.25”x12.25”x5.5”, 30 that are 3”x12”x3”, 20 that are 5.5”x12”x4.5”
• 20 Clear Zipper Pouches: 2 that are 13”x13”, 6 that are 13”x6”, and 12 that are 6” x6”


What’s Wrong with the Workbox Scrapbox?
The Workbox Scrapbox sounds wonderful, but are there any downsides? There are, actually, and chief among them is that ugly word: Assembly. This massive piece of furniture comes in more pieces than anyone wants to count, and requires more patience than Hercules—and gobs and gobs of Herculean strength as well—to assemble. It’s a nightmare that will probably take much longer than just one little day.

…And the Solution:
Does that mean that an ordinary person shouldn’t even bother dreaming of owning a fully assembled Workbox Scrapbox? No, don’t give up so soon! The world complained, and the manufacturer listened, and now there’s a Workbox 2.0 — which, believe it or not, comes with the three main parts already mostly assembled for you. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still have to do a little work—even putting in the hundred and one (or was it 86?) shelves can be a tedious task—but rather than take you days and days, it’ll be an ‘hours and hours’ type of project. And the Workbox 2.0 still has all the magic features of its predecessor, so its definitely worth going with the newer product.

No, it’s not cheap, but you’re getting your money’s worth. The Workbox Scrapbox is no cheap little sewing cabinet, but it is the treasure box of the organized artisan sewer.

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